What is Public Relations and Why You Need It

Out of the numerous marketing tactics, Public Relations often times gets overlooked. Business owners are more concerned about their social media or website content and neglect the main effort that will bring people to pay attention to their social media and website which is Public Relations and Marketing.

In simple terms, Public Relations (PR), is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public. It is truly a simple concept, but trust us when we say, there is nothing simple about PR. We might be biased because we are professional publicists, but there are many facets to making public relations effective which might make PR a little more convoluted, bringing us to our first point of it often getting overlooked.

By doing Public Relations correctly, you are tying up all of the loose ends of your business together in a seamless and effortless way. Having your social media convey a consistent brand message and ‘tone of voice’ throughout all of your web presence and marketing materials is key. Allowing media to recognize and promote your accomplishments and events helps build credibility, but you need to share those accolades with your following. Furthermore - in this day and age - it is no longer enough to just have a company. You need to build a brand. A brand that others can follow, relate to, and admire.

Let's chat about how Public Relations and marketing can take your company and turn it into a brand with increased web traffic resulting in increased revenue. Let us create a rapidly growing social following that will create buzz, and new connections with your local and national media to help build awareness around your brand.