Your pulse is your heart rate, or the number of times your heart beats in one minute. Just as pulse rates vary from person to person, so do our services. We work with you on a custom strategy to stand out from the crowd.

PULSE PR is a boutique public relations and marketing agency based in Los Angeles going beyond the full-service concept, by infusing social media, digital communications, brand marketing and creative consulting into all efforts. With over 6 years of combined experience in public relations and marketing, PULSE PR has worked with clients locally and nationally within the fashion, beauty, hospitality, wedding and special event space.



From likes to followers, we have the algorithm down and are ready to help your numbers soar. 



Let us generate buzz around your product or service. We are ready to pitch your work to an extensive network of media connections.



Guest list? Invites? Event management? Sponsors? Live social media coverage? Yes and yes. Let us be part of your event from beginning to end.